Puxing PX-2R radio page

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- All channel scan and priority channel scan 
- Scan types :Clarrier, time and search 
- Bulsy channel lock: carrier/QT/DQT 
- VOX sensitivity:0-9 levels adjustable 
- Transmitter power:High power and low power 
- Squelch opening threshold: Receive field intensity should accurate (use the sq level to show the intensity)
- Led backlight: On/off/automatic 
- Beep set: Beep on/off 
- Keypad lock function: Manual/auto optional 
- Transmit limited: off-270 optional 
- Offset set:0-xxmhz optional (confirm the max offset according to the band after adjusting) 
- CTCSS and DCS setting
	Receive only
	Transmit only
	50 CTCSS and 104 DCS 
- +/-offset:+/-frequency optional 
- Offset step optional:12.5k/25k 
- Use Dot Segment to display on LCD 
- Select the LED/emergency call by programming software 
- Volume control knob to turn on/off the power 
- PC programming and store channel 
- Can use car charger 
- DC 3.7V single li-ion battery compatible with mobile phone battery
- MINI compact size 84*48*25 cm
- Output power: UHF 400-470mhz 2w
- With most competitive price 

[created by HA4BF]

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